Need more followers / subscribers on Medium ~ Why and How, a brainstorm session

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3 min readFeb 28, 2022


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as a part-time content composer (aka author), striving to get a huge fan club is always a headache. You might wonder why a composer would need that amout of fans…

the WHY

  • following is a courtesty to recognize the composer’s work. Apparently why would somebody spend hours of preparation and editing to write when nobody cares? By following the composer or his/her works means a recognition on the works are worthy, hence they are followed.
  • on different writing platforms, some features are unlocked once your works met a certain number of followers / subscribers. Take an example, Patreon requires recognition in terms of paying a premium to the content provider. The more you pay (there are different levels of membership for you to join), the more features would be unlocked. The bronze membership might let you read existing works of the provider. The silver membership would grant you access to in-progress works as well. The gold membership would grant you rights to be the “first” few people in the world to access a just-finished masterpiece. So if my wishes is just to ask you to follow / subscribe my works… I suppose it is not that harsh (no membership required :))))
  • Medium provides a chance for composers to get a small fee earnable through their works. But there is a new requirement introduced lately informing that if my works are not having enough followers / subscribers; my works won’t be paid. Would say fair enough, since the platform required enough “flows” of readers to maintain… But somehow, I do believe my works have values to the world, just maybe the topics are too nerdy or over-technical; thus lacking the chance to nail down a bigger audience.

the HOW

  • I have tried to use “catchy titles”; take an example the title of some works are based on a magic number. Take an example “the 5 interesting things about programming”. Terribly this doesn’t work at all, the works based on a catchy title is NEVER arousing to the audience, LOL
  • a bright and handsome photo changes a lot… NOPE~ I found that a photo actually don’t affect anything, since most search engines make use of meta-data on websites to build the searching index; hence… your beautiful photo is meaningless~
  • hard-core (I mean highly technical and not porn…) technical topics… like I said, I belive they have values, though somehow the audience group is so terribly hard to hit. Plus most hackers (skillfully developers are also known as hackers… it is not just those who perform something bad…) might use different channels to communicate such topics.
  • life-daily topics… this one… IT WORKS? I had some researches on Medium and WordPress, apparently leisure topics are very very easy to nail down a huge crowd of people… Maybe I should start writing those topics :)))) and forget about the technical stuffs T_T

Finally, please hit the “follow” or “subscribe” button. Your click helps to feed a part time content composer, don’t underestimate the small action :)

Thank you for the support and I guarantee will keep on writing the hard-core stuffs (but also thinking about the life-daily topics too…)



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